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Welcome to a legit Phone Detective review for anyone interested in this unique phone lookup service. Reverse Phone Detective has been in the business since the beginning and was one of the first services to catch my eye when I personally had to perform a reverse lookup.

phone detective reviewThe problem I was dealing with was a persistent prank phone caller.

This person was driving me completely nuts with obscene comments and frequent late night calls that just wouldn't come to an end.

I'm kind of a proactive guy, which is why I decided to use a reverse lookup and get to the bottom of things immediately. Its actually kind of crazy, within a few minutes I had everything from the exact address of the caller to their full name.


To give Phone Detective a quick test, you can use the search box below and easily find out if it really works. You should be able to see the exact US position of the phone number you search for, along with a few other details on the number's owner. With this free lookup you should be able to determine whether or not Phone Detective is actually legit.

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From there lets just say the person never called me again after I reported their name, number, and address to the authorities. I never imagined how helpless someone could make me feel just by having my cell phone number.

Now if someone were to prank call me, I would just send them back a text message with their name and address and see how that made them feel.

When I used Phone Detective the premium membership seemed like a no brainer because it isn't much more than the cost of a one time lookup ($14.95 vs $39.95). Its definitely a handy tool and I could see myself using it more more in the future so I just opted for the premium year long membership.

reverse phone lookupWith landlines becoming obsolete and cell phones taking over the market, the phone book isn’t quite what it used to be. Finding a person’s number that only uses a cell phone can be quite the nightmare when using the conventional methods. For most people the main use of Phone Detective is to look up anonymous numbers that have been calling them. Usually its when people are being harassed by unknown numbers, but there are several other different instances when a reverse phone lookup can come in handy.

A repeated prank caller can be quite the annoyance without any way to identify the culprit. For the purpose of this Phone Detective review I am giving the program 5 stars for uncovering the person behind such disturbing phone calls. They have a database of over 400 million people and was 90% accurate with every number I threw at it.

Most of the reviews of this service will try to claim that the service is 100% perfect but this is not true. Since the tool references the information from public records it won’t always be able to find the phone number's owner 100% of the time. You also have to keep in mind that someone could have a brand new phone number and the information won't be in circulation long enough for Phone Detective to pull it up.

I actually went through a good chunk of my phone book and just looked up numbers one after another. It was shocking how accurate the reverse look up function of phone detective was and it gave me comfort to know that few phone predators would go unidentified as long as this service was in use. The uses for this service really go on and on. From identifying telemarketers to prank phone callers to someone potentially threatening your family, phone detective does it all.

Another big use of the Phone Detective service is to uncover any lies or deception within relationships. If you happen to suspect your spouse is having an affair or going behind your back in some way, than the reverse phone lookup can sometimes uncover the truth.

Let’s say you find a mysterious number on your spouse’s phone and you want to identify the owner. Well a great way to get immediately get to the bottom of things is to perform a reverse phone look up. I don’t want to encourage anyone to start snooping around on their spouse, but if you are already suspicious than the Phone Detective can really help clear things up for you.

Ok, I'm sure you've probably heard enough at this point, just use the link below and visit Phone Detective's Homepage...

www.PhoneDetective.com <<--

If you have teenagers than Phone Detective can also be incredibly useful at helping you keep your teens out of trouble. Your son or daughter could be harassed through phone calls or text messages and you would have no way to identify the person on the other end. With a quick Phone Detective lookup you will know exactly who is responsible and be able to address the problem immediately. Or maybe you are suspecting them of doing something you don’t approve of and you happen to use phone detective to get to the bottom of things.

People who are often looking for a Phone Detective review are interested in the privacy aspect of the service. The main issue that people seem to have is they are worried that the people they are researching will find out. Well rest assured, the number searching is 100% completely private and you will remain completely anonymous.

Personally I was worried about somehow being tracked for the numbers I was researching. My other concern was that Phone Detective would share my phone number with other outside parties if the number wasn't already in their records. I actually sent a personal email to the company to inquire more about this and they assured me there was no need to worry.

Well I hope you enjoyed this review of Phone detective and decide to give it a try. I can tell you that most people have been extremely satisfied from this service and from my own experience it was definitely worth the asking price. If you have some people to look up than this service is definitely the way to go.

The Many Benefits and Uses of Phone Lookup Services

Its tough for most people to see the benefits of a phone lookup service without actually experiencing a situation that the service directly applies to. There are many different situations we face everyday and tracing a phone number can play a big role in resolving whatever issues we might be facing.

Depending on the lookup service you are using, your experience will tend to vary with each one. Since this is a very popular service area on the web, there have been many scam websites started in an effort to capitalize on the high demand. So I advise everyone to proceed with caution when choosing a reverse phone lookup service on the web.

If you are not careful you might wind up spending more time and money than you had to. As you can probably guess from the theme of this site I am an advocate of Phone detective and you can easily give it a test run with the box on the immediate right. You can enter a phone number and have Phone Detective give you a few pieces of information about the number so you know if its legit or not.

So what are the many uses of a Phone Lookup Service?

Here is a small list of possible applications for these services and there are probably hundreds more.

* Identify Prank Phone Callers
* Catch Cheating Partner or Spouse
* Parents and Teenagers
* Recognizing Potential Threats on your Well-being
* Calling Back any Mysterious Number
* Stop Harassment
* Research Missed Calls
* Contact Old Friends
* Determine someone's exact location
* See who owns an unlisted number
* Research a "suspicious" number on someone's phone

These are just a few I came up with and I'm sure other people could add tons more. What I like most about phone lookup services is that they usually help people in some way or another. It may be by saving a child from ongoing harassment or alerting someone to a potential threat on their safety by a certain caller.

You would be surprised at how many articles there are on the web talking about different scenarios where a phone lookup service has made a major impact on the situation. It could mean the difference between not knowing someone threatening has been calling you and your loved ones or being able to easily notify the police in the situation.

You are probably starting to see the many benefits of a phone lookup service and how it can make you an your family safer. Don't let a potential threat go unnoticed or teach someone a lesson for pestering you with anonymous phone calls. I highly recommend you give Phone Detective a try if you are in need of a phone lookup service and always remember its usually better to be safe than sorry most of these situations.

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Phone Detective Scam - Is It Legit?


Find Out The Truth About Phone Detective...

About 6 months ago I was dealing with a persistent prank phone caller. After putting up with it for a few days I decided to perform a reverse phone lookup.

With a few quick searches I quickly found one of the more popular services out there, Phone Detective. This service claims to be the best in the business but like any online user I am always hesitant to fork over any of my hard earned money. But in my situation of slight desperation and extreme curiosity I decided to just go for it and give it a try.

Read on to find out about my personal experience and uncover the real truth as to whether or not Phone Detective is a scam or not...

Is Phone Detective a Scam?

Find the answer here:

With technology widely used, others resort to online inquiry with practically anything. As such white pages, yellow pages and people finders are becoming popular nowadays. Adding to the widely used means of locating people or business establishments for that matter is the phone detective. The question is - is phone detective a scam? What does it actually offer?

Much that there are a lot of scams in the Internet, there are legitimate business owners as well. Just as much as there are scams in the offline world; there are also a lot in the virtual world. Given that, there might be phone detective sites that are a scam but there are those that are legitimately earning their keep, serving their customers and paying their taxes.

Phone detective is a viable means of searching owners of mobile numbers or landline. It is an effective way of searching for owners of mobile numbers or landline numbers who either pester your for their promotional efforts or you just simply want to make sure whether you still got the right number of a person whom you have had contact with ages ago. It may be the number of a friend, a lover or even your relatives.

When others think that phone detective is a scam, think of hiring an actual private investigator. Are there not private investigators that are also a scam? They pose as legitimate professionals only to find out at the end that they left you and the information you need and the money you paid him for incidental expenses. Alternatively, you could definitely waste your time dialing that particular number only to find out that the owner is not the same owner who you think it would be. Nobody would surely stop you from doing that!

But think about the convenience of using a phone detective. They say it's expensive but actually you might be even spending more if you hire a private investigator or perhaps dial it on your own. Think about it. What's a meager amount compared to the convenience you will get in engaging the services of these phone detectives?


Lets wrap things up...

Is it a scam? I don't think so! With the comprehensive result you would get, not to mention that most sites give a money back guarantee plus some are even backed up by legitimate payment gateways like Clickbank, where will you go wrong?

Trust your better judgment. If you think it's too good to be true, then don't register. But if you think that a fast service is what you need, just a click of a mouse and presto the results, then go for it. Now, if you are one of the few who are real skeptics, then here's one thing to ponder on. Why do most scams that fall under the "get rich-quick schemes" con a lot of individuals despite the fact that there are no immediate results? Answer? Because they wanted to get rich quick, right? Now, why would you think of something that gives you instant results and comprehensive at that a scam? Think about it!

Phone Detective is one of the top products on the Clickbank network where thousands of products are sold. Of all these products Phone Detective still manages to be in the top 5 and that is no coincidence. Try a free lookup see what kind of information Phone Detective pulls up, you might be surprised.

Good Luck!